Bursa young adult escort tells about the perfect date in a wonderful bathroom
» » Bursa young adult escort tells about the perfect date in a wonderful bathroom
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It was a perfect date. No, really, a perfect. Working as the Bursa young adult escort model, I’ve been on many private dates with many men. But this morning, it was something… Fluffy. Airy. Like an easy daydream.

I’ll describe it you and you try to imagine. A big warm bathroom of about 30-40 square meters. In an apartment with 11 bedrooms (as the host told me). The bath is in the middle of it, located in a way so I can look through magnificent huge panoramic windows that took the entire wall. The window is looking to the rising sun as it takes off from the horizon line of the sea. Under the balcony, from the 15th floor, I see the entire horizon of the seawater. With seagulls gliding in the air being lit with this warm sun. An early summer on a shore with sakuras that are still blossoming – and I can see it as well on the edge of the garden, which belongs to this many-storeyed living house. Palms shaping the view from both sides.

The farther the better: I have a cocktail in my hand. A wonderfully tasty mixture of pineapple, pear, and apple juices with excellent Finlandia vodka. And a small umbrella strikes the strawberry and big blueberry on the glass’s edge. I am half-sitting in a huge bathtub covered with amazingly smelling white foam, of a very good quality, as it does not collapse for already more than half an hour. And a candle gives me steady light dancing a little bit under the micro-flows of winds in the room. The best ambiance any Bursa young adult escort girl dreams of.

He is smoking an expensive cigarette on the balcony of the bathroom. He turns to me and I see a mischievous sparkle in his eyes. I put aside the cocktail and turn myself upside down, taking my bare ass out of the water and out of foam saying him “Spank me, would ya.”

He puts the cigarette in an ashtray and comes to me covered in a fluffy white bathrobe. He spanks me medium-gently and puts an arm under the waterline, approaching my pubis. I lay again on the back and let him enter my awaiting pussy. His fingers glide easily in the soaped water, entering my pussy hot from water and desire. He puts away the bathrobe and joins me in a bathtub. We sit face to face each other. He sips my 20-degree strong cocktail and sits even closer to me.

I take his sturdy dick in my palm and start working on it. With this man, I haven’t felt as a Bursa young adult escort girl – I rather was his beloved girlfriend, the understanding of which he actively created during our meeting. It was a real pleasure for me to feel his wonderfully skillful hand inside of my pussy hole and it was a great pleasure to masturbate his skin flute. As he held legs wide, playing with his balls was easy, which I did to add to his excitation. Then he approached me even closer and forwarded a penis to enter me. The soaped water smoothed all our actions and he slid inside so gently and softly that I almost wanted to eat him all without the rest in the wave of sudden cuteness I felt. Everything was perfect – I already mentioned it. But it is worth mentioning again.

He started moving slowly to prevent the sudden slipping out. Eventually, he slipped out of me for several times. Then I offered him to change the position. I stood up in the water and leaned on one edge of the tub, spreading my legs wide. The silky foam was all over me and he adored spanking my ass to make it go away, flying off with scattered particles snapping in all directions. I felt good and laughed sincerely, as it was a tickling massage of my buttocks. He approached closer and put my ass as up as I could hold. Entering into my Bursa young adult escort pussy was again simple and well greased. This time, the process went better as we were both standing in convenient poses. I felt his jizz is about to hit out of the trunk and offered him to make it into the water. He agreed and when it happened, he shot between my legs down into the water. Some portion of his white semen flew my skin down. I turned to him and kissed with a passion that only the best man deserves. I hope he will be my client again.


Bursa eskortlar girl and a guy in a hotel or a brave couple having sex in the hallway in front of the audience

We left the cafe and went to the third floor of the motel. The hallway was empty, and the table of the hostess was left by its owner too. He pushed me to the couch, which stood in a separate corner; he looked out into the hallway again and put his arm around my waist.

I lifted my head, listening. Silence. I felt a hand groping in the crotch and weakened with every passing second like a bursa escort girl. Then I pressed my horny mouth to his half-open mouth in surprise.

Escort agency in Bursa flamboyant lover is engaged by an elderly tourist

I’m gonna tell you a short story of my holiday romance. Her name was Rita and she was from Puerto Rico. At the time I saw her, she reminded me my good fellow, a periodic lover from an escort agency in Bursa (whose services I use sometimes when I feel especially lonely). One night I descended from my room in this hotel – what was its name, I think ‘Bella Palacio’ – of 4 stars and there she was, sitting in the bar as if waiting for someone. I said, “Hello”, and she replied, “Hi”.


Bursa Rus escort bayanlar Nicole is a high-class lover, who is especially attentive to her appearance, as the best look is a must for this girl. In some pictures of her profile, she looks like a pin-up girl – specifically in the one, where she is on the white stairs with candles around her.