Bursa escort amazing mistress satisfies a wicked interest of several clients
» » Bursa escort amazing mistress satisfies a wicked interest of several clients
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The payment was twice as much so she agreed. Besides, they ordered a girl from Eskortlar Bursa for the entire day (and had promised that her time would be necessary during 3-5 hours at max) so it was very gainful undertaking.

When she got into the apartment, she was met by a handsome young man. It turned out, there were three guys there and a vast amount of 1.5-liters glass jars standing close to the wall. She supposed to be a photo model today.

After exiting the shower, she saw as the ‘working place’ was already arranged for her: the windows were separated from the rest of the room with the white background and the floor’s shooting site was covered with several layers of transparent plastic tape. The next moment, she understood what for: the jars contained honey! Transparent liquid honey that bees make. She wore the high heels that she was requested to bring along and two young men started to grease the honey on her using specially shaped flat wooden sticks. They immersed a stick into a jar and took a fat layer of honey to immediately put it on the girl’s skin. During this, her hair was tied in a knot and they did not touch the face of a girl. They started from the lower part of the neck and were gradually going down, covering a girl from eskortlar service with a vast amount of honey. They did not miss any spot, even armpits and the tips of fingers were honeyed. When it came to her breast, they were especially happy to work with it – their smiles became wider and her nipples got hardened.

The third guy was arranging the light and the camera to get started at once when she will be covered.

The honey was quickly spreading on her body under the gravity so, to make the process faster and to lose lesser sweet product, they put the wooden sticks away and simply poured the honey from the jars onto girl’s skin – it made her be honeyed 10 times faster. Then they only used sticks to correct the fatness of the layer on an eskortlar girl’s body. They asked her to bend over to pour honey onto her pussy and ass. Finally, another minute later, she was covered with the sticky substance all over. The shooting has begun.

She was standing on high heels and the layer of honey was gradually and constantly flowing down. The shutter was clicking very often and they gave many commands to a girl to change her pose but mostly, now they were satisfied with the girl’s movements that she did on her own. They asked her to put arms tight to her trunk and then separate them in the opposite sides – and the effect of it was marvelous, as sticky honey was flowing in many-many jets from arms to the body when she divided them. Then she was asked to do the same with her legs and then, to do both with arms and legs simultaneously. It was quite a hard thing so she had to practice in it several times to make it look beautiful for the camera.

The first round of posing was over, the fellow cameraman started changing the memory card and a girl from eskortlar Bursa was given the order to replenish the stock of honey on her body. She was helped by two guys in this. This time, she offered them to pour honey on her from the right and left sides and she would grease the honey on her body herself, using own hands – this would make it faster and give additional precious minutes to her clients to make a shooting.

The heat of her body warmed up the honey flows making it speed up but still, each time after refilling of the layer on her, they guys did have 4 or 5 full minutes to make what they wanted during the process. Considering 4 refills, their goal was reached with over 300 shots made.

After the session ended, she went to the shower room as soon as possible, leaving sticky marks on the floor. Luckily, the shower was right at the corner and so she went inside with the help of guys. Warm water sprinkled on her. Honey was not that easy to get rid of at first, but when she applied a liquid soap, the process improved. After 3 applications on the entire body, she managed to wash off the rests of the sticky substance to exit from the cabin heated and clean.

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One day I’ve decided to go for a party to my friends. There were a lot of strangers. Among them were pretty women and one which I’ve noticed. Party’s hostess told me that her name was Marina. Marina was a tall bursa escorts girl of strong physique, just my type.

Casually acquainted with her during visiting friends, and after a fair amount of drinking wine, I’ve decided to help this escort girl bursa to go home.

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It was a holiday and her parents left the city to their country house to rest and to fish. Jessica, one of splendid ladies in Bursa, did not have much enthusiasm towards this idea, so she stayed home in the city. Rather, it was a town, small and neat village, the suburb of the closest biggest city, with rows of the family houses where adults and kids were safe and everything was similar to the neat American neighborhoods like in the films. Of course, her parents didn’t know what the girl was doing in life – they had no idea she worked as one of sexiest ladies in Bursa and considered she was a nurse in the local hospital – that is why her working schedule was off-normal.


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