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Don’t know where to start. I gotta tell you, I’ve never before used the services of call escort girls. But it was my 40th birthday and, what the hell, I eventually decided to pamper myself with extraordinary evening, even spending on it approximately 1000 bucks for the entire night – it was worth it.

I bought roses and decorated my hotel room with them (then I found out it was just a waste of my budget). Two bottles of champagne were getting cooled in the bucket. We eventually drank only one, so I took one home.

When she arrived, I felt dizzy and we had to talk for about 30 minutes about everything and drinking champagne so I just can calm down. Finally, she asked where she could change clothes and I showed the bathroom. In another 20 minutes, she went out. She was fabulous. No, even much better than such definition: she was a queen of all fabulous girls on the entire planet! Her luring face was perfect, just as I love it: the childish lines of the face, small retrousse nose, and her overall appearance was almost like Rose McIver, the New Zealand actress I find specifically attractive. The body of an angel, 100-60-100 or very close to it. Greatest boobs and the softest skin I’ve ever seen or touched in my entire life. Tan made her look much more exotic in the slight darkness of the room, especially underlined by her white panties with tied knots on the sides and the absence of a bra. My arousal ran to 400% just in a couple of seconds. She was everything I wanted.

I invited escort girl to the bed. After she sat, my shyness and dizziness completely disappeared. I started kissing her rosy lips shaped like lips of Denise Richards in her best years when she was super young and ultra-sexy Hollywood starter. In the moments like this, I suppose, you forget about all things on Earth, including the fact that the girl is from eskort Whatsap service. I wanted her. We lay on the bed, kissing, and I hugged her tight. Our body temperatures were constantly rising. I took off her panties and squeezed her fabulous ass, so tight as a nut and it was one of the best sexual sensations in my entire life. Though I had had sex with dozens of girls but I bet, never like her.

When I entered her pussy, it was so velvety I didn’t want to leave it. I just wanted to plunge all myself inside of her, to become a tiny worm that would get inside of her love hole and stay there. I wanted to dissolve completely in the smell and thickness of her hair. In some time, I stopped feeling the touch of bedclothes under my skin, being so captivated by the eskort Whatsap girl. And when I felt an orgasm, the time stood still and I could sense as my sperm is ejected somewhere from the insides, entering trunk and spewing out of its end to the condom captivated by the girl’s vagina all over its length. I feel as the spasm of erotic enjoyment fills in my limbs, starting with legs ending with shoulders. I fall on her back and breathe heavily, breathe, breathe…

When I am resting on the back with a lit cigarette, my fantastic escort girl already made me a tea – green tea, as I love it. From champagne, I feel light dizziness but it feels like the other dizziness I had before our meeting. I watch her gracious and elegant movements… As she throws hair curls from her face and shoulders… Excitingly smelling hair curls… Their smell comes to me and I inhale it. I love the taste of a tea and I look into her eyes and charming smile as she tells me something funny and laughs. At this moment, I feel I am in love with this girl. It feels so easy and comfortable to spend time with her. I look at her face more than on her marvelous breast that is topped with a sharp end of rose-brown nipples crowning her 3rd size.

I am ready for the round two. I grab her waist and take her back to the bed. She barely has time to put the teacup on the coffee table. I am entering her pussy in the doggy pose and I love to feel as my dick penetrates through. The view of the girl from the back excites me so badly I am finishing very soon, even not having time to get sweat. Oh, that girl – I will reorder her again. Tomorrow. ‘Cause I’m in love, you know, I’m in love…

Blonde escorts uk girl Nellie will let you imagine and experience all of her flesh, to look in and to dive into all holes and openings on her body… She will also explore your body and will lick those parts, which are of the major interest to her… She is a lust and satisfaction at the same time. She is a simultaneous hotness and chill.

Blonde escorts uk girl Nellie will let you imagine and experience all of her flesh, to look in and to dive into all holes and openings on her body… She will also explore your body and will lick those parts, which are of the major interest to her… She is a lust and satisfaction at the same time. She is a simultaneous hotness and chill.


Bursa escort mistress is standing under a shower to get wet before having sex

This client of Bursa escort girls was an interesting young man and all girls, whom he ordered, sincerely did not understand why he had to order escort girls, when he was rich, handsome, tall, fit, and had a sense of style – such guys shouldn’t have problems with girls, almost any of them would gladly want to go to his apartment. Still, he always paid well and the only thing he especially adored was having sex with an all-wet girl. Bursa escort girls never had sex with him not soaked first under his shower.

Schoolgirl dressed escort lady is fully seen in mega-erotic pictures on the sold laptop

I am Karl. Believe it or not – but recently, I became an owner of a fucking gold mine! Not in the direct sense but it still is: a week ago, I bought a notebook full of super frank pictures of a schoolgirl dressed escort lady! I don’t know her name and I don’t know anything other about her. But since I know that your model agency provides the service of a girl, which can be dressed as a schoolgirl dressed escort lady, I want to share this story with you. Just because I’m a fucking lucky man and wanna tell someone about it! Of course, staying fully anonymous.


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