Russian escort in Bursa girl is having passionate sex with her dance partner
» » Russian escort in Bursa girl is having passionate sex with her dance partner
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The music was flowing and filling up the entire space of the dancing hall in which this Russian escort Bursa was now dancing. Steps were flowing from her legs under the ardent music that caused every cell of the body feel the energy, produce more of it and transfer it into outside. The passionate movements of her slim and super trained body enchanted many young men who were in this hall with her, dancing together. Her group was big. Today, there were around 25 people.

She caught several gazes time to time. They were mostly from young and flushing guys who wanted sex and considered that she, a Russian escort girl, was the best option for that. No one knew what she was doing in life, who was she, and what was she – she never talked to anyone and persistently denied all signs and invitations from anyone in her dancing group – it was only to maintain her personal physical shape and elastic movements, nothing more.

In this day, this Russian escort in Bursa was completely into the dance, as any other day. Her strained muscles were moving exact and beautiful. Every dancing step she took was perfected with numerous repetitions, she knew how to move almost under every melody that played in this hall, and she thought she could even do it with her eyes closed. Closing them in motion, just in several seconds she stumbled on somebody. It was a guy she has never seen before. His chest had an unbuttoned three of four buttons on a silky black dancing shirt, and tight trousers with lacquered shoes. The skin was very tanned. She did not see his face from the moment of stumbling upon him. Raising her eyes, she saw incredibly handsome lines of the face of a Puerto Rican guy named Emilio (as she found it out later that day). His hair was styled with gel in a way to prevent from flowing on different sides, and black smart eyes pierced into her with a brave and interested gaze. His chest was breathing heavily as he was completely immersed in a dance at the moment when this Bursa Russian girl entered his intimate zone and took her hand under an elbow to support her preventing from falling.

She never saw him but once she did, something was born inside her, a feeling of luring attraction to a dancer, who seemed to be professional, far more than she was. They continued dancing and she was now the one who watched a guy, not vice versa. She danced behind his back and could be delighted with his sensationally sharp and precise movements. But more than that she loved his butt – appetizing and very muscled.

After the dancing class was over, everybody started hurrying home but she asked her teacher to have more time dancing alone in the hall. A teacher agreed as it cost nothing in the rent and there were more people in the building who would look after the hall.

Russian escort Bursa danced under the own music in the earphones and did not notice as Emilio joined her. Only opening her eyes, she saw him. Dancing in two was exciting and the flame of passion suddenly blazed in her chest. Tearing off earphones, she kissed him passionately, with all blustering fire in the heart she had after this extensive training workout. He responded, with the impetuous might of a first-class male, a passionate dancer, spilling his rageful excitement from inside of his skin.

She drew him into the changing room that was empty up to this moment. Tearing his black shirt off, she inhaled the insanely intoxicating scent of a man. Taking off her dancing shirts with panties with one rapid movement, she was ready to let him inside, which he did as a roaring animal in the mating season. Their dance in a hall invigorated their bloods that were beating together now in one thrilling ravel and they obviously were spilling out the thick sexual arousal they have had between them two after this stumbling. She did not have to do any massage or a blow job to a fellow – he was intoxicated with her body and she was drunk with unrestrained desire they now tamed together. The finish that arrived collected all emotions in a fist and pulled them in a single second as if strings of harp were beaten all together simultaneously. The sensation of cum was magnificent.


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She was standing legs apart and ass to his sight. Naked. Only wearing the trinket necklace. And her female smell. Full of fleshy desire. The air in the room was soaked with sex. It was the air of a room on the -2 floor somewhere in the city, hidden from ears and vision of people, who weren’t VIP clients of the Instagram Bursa escort service. A little chamber of sex secrets.

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She came to Steven as an Istanbul escorts girl to be a photo model for a day. She supposed to be shot for a glance magazine. She didn’t know its name, something connected to weapons and arms. And she had to be on a cover. The contract was agreed and she arrived.

It was a huge mansion located on the beach, and the latter was a private territory, fenced and it was hard to get here if you weren’t invited. It was crowded today – photographers, stylists, line managers, and so on. A team consisted of 15 people, not less. The mansion was a private property of Steven – the owner of the above-mentioned magazine but he hasn’t shown up yet in person.