One of the students Bursa escort gives nice oral pleasure in the office
» » One of the students Bursa escort gives nice oral pleasure in the office
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Good morning, people. I don’t know if it is your morning but I’m posting this story to our storyboard in the morning. So, on this shiny day, I recalled one of the exciting and funny moments of my work as one of the students Bursa escort.

My name is Evelina, I’ve been working for not so long. About three weeks ago, I was ordered by some solid man. I think his name was Mustafa. It was a middle of the day and he gave me the address of a fancy office building. I never was to the office before with my work task as one of the students Bursa escort – everyone preferred to call me either home or in their apartments (rented, I guess). Sometimes, I work indoor – in our specific place in the city. But at all times, I worked either in the evenings or at nights.

So this time, it was not only the first going to the office but also the first visit in the middle of the day that I did.

It was a solid office – with security guards, big fellows in suits, and a frame of a metal detector at the entrance. Everybody used to tick their pass cards to enter through the turnstile. In a word – solid. I was impressed. Wow. I named my name and told that the guy named Mustafa called my agency. They called somewhere and in about 5 minutes, some girl dressed in a classic gray suit picked me up in the hall. We followed the elevator and long halls, where I distinctively felt the smell of paper, office glue, and some ozone when we passed through the copying room. Everything was lifeless, even the tall plant with huge leaves in the tub at the entrance to the office, in which she brought me and told to wait. It was a separate office with a nameplate on it and the position – something like ‘The director of the chancellery’ or akin.

Here I was waiting. Alone for over a half an hour. Someone entered the room and I saw him: medium-height dude of around 40, Arabic skin, super black hair with gel on it, in a little bit glossy gray suit. They were all wearing gray suits of different shades, as I recall. Hideous office fashion.

“Hello. Who are you?”

“Evelina, Mustafa ordered here. Madam in a suit told to wait here. Are you Mustafa?”

“No, I’m not Mustafa”. Then he pondered and exited the room, reentering it in 2 seconds.

“Look, we are making a surprise to our new boss. Get under the table. When he enters, I’ll ask him to sit down and you will unzip his pants and will do a blowjob to him. You are one of the students Bursa escort, right?”

I nodded saying yes and got under the table. It was a bit dusty there but it was super spacious here. My entire apartment in my native country is smaller than space under this table. In less than a minute, someone entered and sat on the chair. I immediately got to his pants, unzipping them.

He stared at me – with interest and wonder. I said nothing, just continued what I was doing. Finally, I got his dick out and took it into my mouth. Started working as usual – he only continued to look at me with surprise.

Nobody was entering the room, so I finished the guy in silence. He was groaning and moaning and I felt his jizz filled the mouth. It was so abundant I even couldn’t swallow and choked a little but then it was ok.

He sat back for a second and I saw his dick is shining with the sperm left on it.

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door and entered. The guy feverishly put his dick in pants and zipped it. However, something went wrong and the one, who knocked, already entered and saw this guy zipping up. He was not alone – a flock of people entered with him as well. At that moment, I ascended from under the table and everyone saw me too. I was so shy and gradually turned red because of the situation. The guy was obviously disgraced, I guess.

…I was escorted to leave the building from the back door. I think I only became redder the entire path. Since then, nobody of the students Bursa escort was ordered to that office again 😉


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Anton, my Belarusian girls’ service client of 40+ years, with belly devilishly far away from flatness, took me on nature, to eat barbecue (shish kebabs in Turkish) and drink vodka – he was Russian and wanted to have a sexy girl on his leisure time on nature. He was a long-stayer in Turkey and seems like he longed for his native country’s habits.

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Don’t know where to start. I gotta tell you, I’ve never before used the services of call escort girls. But it was my 40th birthday and, what the hell, I eventually decided to pamper myself with extraordinary evening, even spending on it approximately 1000 bucks for the entire night – it was worth it.

I bought roses and decorated my hotel room with them (then I found out it was just a waste of my budget). Two bottles of champagne were getting cooled in the bucket. We eventually drank only one, so I took one home.