New Bursa escort woman is playing with many toys in her apartment
» » New Bursa escort woman is playing with many toys in her apartment
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New Bursa escort woman is undressed and is ready to delight every man with her ‘flower’ located between her legs – call now and receive this new passionate and sultry beauty in your embrace

Angelica was laying on a bed with her arms tied to a head of the bed. She was a new Bursa escort woman and she loved to have sex either in the free time from the main occupation. This time she asked her friend to play with her using many sexual toys. And he didn’t mind. Of course, why would you mind if a slender and extremely sexy girl like Angelica asks you to play with her in the most enchanting way that is only possible?

So she was, on the bed naked and greased with a body oil in the intimate places. She liked in harder today so on the nipples of her 4-size breast were clothespins that gave her delight. Her slender soft hands with velvety skin, the same as on her entire body, were tied according to her request with soft handcuffs to the bed head. Her pussy didn’t require to be shaved as she did very fine laser depilation once and the hair simply didn’t grow there since then. So now, she was free from unnecessary hair and neat to the maximum level. Her friend just greased her with oil on pussy, breasts and partially in other places of a body, including her fine ass foramen sprinkling there some oil too. Now she was completely ready to take toys inside of her.

The first toy inside of new Bursa escort girl was an artificial penis of 10 inches long and of pink color. She loved this toy and this particular color. It went inside her smoothly, as she was greased greatly where it was required. She enjoyed its movement inside – she felt it with all her inner organs. It almost reached uterus – that was great.

In several minutes, when she was hot already from the first toy, her friend introduced a string of elastic balls. There were 7 of them on one handle and they were going inside of new Bursa escort Angelica one by one. Their soft penetration was lovely, but even more, she loved when they were playing inside of her anus, about which she told her friend. He agreed this opinion also and, entering them in tight girl’s butt, simultaneously with it was shoving another item inside of her smooth labia – purple cone with a handle. It was like a thick and short version of man’s cock and having a conic form so it was easily introduced inside of the vagina. These items were moving inside driving her to the high point of pleasure. Balls were plunging in unevenly, while the rubber cone was sliding in and out like a smooth mechanism. Her friend used both hands, enjoying a process of pleasing her, obviously, not less than she enjoyed this toy sex.

During next 30 or 40 minutes, various toys were used – dildos of 7 or 8 types, soft and hard, with pimples and without, like plugs and not. There were models destined for 2 holes at the same time – she loved when the penetration speed was equal for both holes, she found it exciting.

In 2 hours or so of such pleasure, she managed to receive several powerful orgasms. And now she was ready to say ‘thanks’ to her friend who was already delighted a lot because of this gaming process. He uncuffed her from the bed, after which she took an anal plug with the furry tail attached and, having legs wide open and asking a friend watch it, plugged it into the hole herself.

Then, she sat down face to him with legs wide open still and, unzipping his jeans, put them off. She was sitting with the tail coming from her ass as if a true animal, a fox or something like that. He was already firmly standing, which was not surprising after what he did and saw. She took his sturdy penis in her hot mouth red like a cherry, licking the head with her tongue up and down, like a delicious ice cream. With her gentle fingers, she helped him to come to an end, pampering his balls. She noticed that he was shaved and looking at the neat men genitalia she received the sexual arousal. By the moment when he groaned from pleasure, she used her second hand to masturbate herself and when the flow of hot semen came into her mouth, she was also at a peak. Satisfied, they fell on the soft bed to rest.

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