Beautiful escort Bursa does sex after being very excited by the might of nature
» » Beautiful escort Bursa does sex after being very excited by the might of nature
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We are climbing on Mount Yasur, which is on Tanna Island in Vanuatu archipelago. This mountain is formed millions of years ago by the active volcano that is constantly boiling. It is erupting for over 800 years in a row without stopping. The territory is on the ‘edge of the Earth’, only flying here takes two days from Turkey, where I work as Ukraine Bursa escorts girl. My client took me here – he is a rich blogger without a constant girlfriend and felt lonely, so he booked me for two weeks when he planned his trip to Vanuatu. Did I already mention this is the edge of the world? It is, believe me. But the nature is stunningly beautiful.

So we climb the mountain. It is completely black – its hills are formed by the volcanic ashes. We have about 2 more kilometers to go. ‘We’ includes our guide, my client and I, Ukraine Bursa escorts chick. Our guide, however, leaves us in 1 kilometer before the mouth of a volcano and leaves us getting there alone. My white sneakers turned into gray-black. I am thirsty and keep drinking almost all the time, depleting our water reserves.

Finally, we are there, at the top. When about 50 meters to the mouth was left, I distinctively felt as mountain rocked under my feet. It constantly emanates some indistinct rumble and roar. And it smells… really weird, I don’t even know how to explain – like a chemical plant, I guess. But we are now standing on the verge. I see the breathtaking picture. It really takes my breath away – I could never guesstimate I would ever see anything like this: the crater of the volcano is about 500 meters in diameter, in doest steeply downhill after the verge we are standing on, and everything narrows to the mouth itself, which throws away fiery blasts of melted magma in the air. It is bright yellow and hot – I feel as hotness from it comes to my skin even though it is far below, about 250 meters from me. I hear its astounding roar and feel as the black ashes are shaking under my feet after every blast wriggling up from the termagant hell gates.

This view is so impressive that it captivates my breath and totally gets inside my brain – this is definitely the most powerful and majestic picture I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I don’t travel much but in such moments, I realize the meaning and point of traveling – this picture worth everything experienced during the tiresome flight, getting here, and climbing. This feeling gets so deep inside me that I start to feel united with nature, this mightiness leaves me stunned. I see as jets of magma are thrown in the air almost every second. The excitement of something overwhelming is tightly interconnected with sexual lust.

No wonder I start to feel the same overwhelmingly horny. Working as Ukraine Bursa escorts girl, I often feel lust and desire. But never – big like this one. So strong. So insanely strong. I literally jump on my client and start kissing him. Passionately. Even violently. I can’t be sure now but it seems like I was roaring at this moment, together with a volcano’s passion. I take the dress off him and put him right on the black dust. I take off my shorts and panties in several seconds and I start to masturbate his dick once he took it out, obviously not following my speed. I jerk him off until he gets big and I just sit on it. Sit on the cock fast and saying nothing. Start jumping. We are only some hundred meters from the lava-breathing volcano and we passionately fuck. I put in my jumping so much passion that it sometimes seems that I really jump as on a trampoline, not as on a cock. He gets aroused the same well as I do, especially taking into account that he lies back on the volcanic dust with bare skin, feeling underground pushes the same as I do.

One of the times as I jump off and land on his dick again, I unintentionally changed the degree of my body and he enters into my butthole. Right at once, without any preparation. I shudder and stop for a moment but then excitation grows so big that I simply continue our sex marathon with his cock squeezed by my butt. He starts to cum. He does it inside of me but I just can’t stop. With the next magma eruption that bedazzled me for a sec, I cum too and I just turn off from reality, everything blackens before my eyes. I fall into another dimension and strain as a string to blast inside myself with the most fierce orgasm I’ve ever had had. When the blackout falls off my eyes, I, Ukraine Bursa escorts girl, finally fall my chest on his and breathe, breathe, breathe…


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I came to the branch of the bank in our city. I wanted to buy this fancy yellow-colored car I saw in a car dealer’s salon a week ago. After a week of pondering, I finally decided I really wanted it and I could afford it with my current incomes as one of the best girls of 18 years and over of Bursa escort agency.

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