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Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to the zoo. It was Turkish summer and visiting zoo was one of the points we usually do every summer. There is not that much fun to wander the territory of it during other seasons and, when it’s winter, the zoo is usually closed.

It’s just I forgot each time about the smell. The smell was quite not fascinating, especially when you approach the paddocks where they keep large animals. Animals don’t have a sweet smell, especially at summer – and you simply have to accept that.

When we approached the cage with lion and lionesses, I could see them mating. The scene is nothing special – I’ve seen them doing it tens of times. On TV. But in the real life, something stopped me to watch the scene. I found it breathtaking. I watched and couldn’t stop, I was thrilled by the way they do it – so easily, so naturally, not having all these insanely long rituals that people do. In somewhat, they seemed to me pretty similar to escorts in Bursa ladies – these also do it simply and without a need to go the huge road to possess their body. The simplicity must rule the world, I suppose.

Thinking this, I saw as male finished and roared on top of his lioness. I may be mistaken but I think I saw as some part of white sperm flew out of lioness’ vagina. I don’t know why but this animal sex made me excited as hell. I found my boyfriend in two minutes – he was eating blue-and-yellow ice cream on a bench. I whispered him my sudden desire of sexual copulation (not telling him what have caused it, though, as I don’t think he’d understand me). At this time, I was as horny as escort Bursa usually is when they are with clients.

We started to look for a secluded place to make our coitus without unnecessary eyes. When you are at a public place, it’s not that easy to do. When you’re at the zoo, it turns out almost impossible. We had to go to the most uninhabited part, down to the birds – they seem to be placed where almost no one shows up during the day.

We were lucky to stumble on to some greenhouse. The door wasn’t locked so we rushed there to find several big but humble birds sitting under the dome of the building. At the center, it was all in vegetation – exotic one, mostly palms from the Asian countries. There was a door “Personnel only.” Of course, it was locked but when I looked at the lock closer, it turned out it could be moved with just any metallic key. Mine worked just well and the door opened. We found there a janitor room, pretty big, about 10 square meters. We hurried to lock ourselves in it so nobody prevents us.

At this moment, I felt another rush of sexual excitation – this time not because of lions anymore but because of a feeling of doing something prohibited.

I raised up my skirt and lowered panties, stepping out from them on my high heels. The buttock was naked now and available for the penetration into my desiring pussy. The lower lips were reddish and swollen signalizing about the high anticipation of sex, so ardent as escort Bursa girls usually offer. Or even more vivid.

He entered inside of me after the brief wearing of a condom. He was already erected and even pulsating – so much he wanted me too. I stood against the wall, put my hands on its painted with oil paint surface and extended my legs in sides to make it easier. My lower peephole asked his cock and when he was inside, hot and desirable, my excitation began to accumulate in the body. I felt each time he entered inside as he had long but, what’s most important, thick dick and such combination was extremely profitable. He stuffed me during entrance and emptied me during exit. At this time, I somehow thought of lioness – did she feel the same when a lion was in her? And does escort girl Bursa feel the same when she is having sex? Or maybe escort girl Bursa feels even more buzz as she almost always has sex with a new person, man or woman, and it gives her more adrenaline? As for the latter, we’ve definitely had one as the feeling that we are in public place and can be caught didn’t leave us during the process. Maybe, I finished soon because of that or I was just horny – I don’t know for sure.


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